In today’s competitive commercial environment, it’s crucial for your office space to promote a strong, recognisable brand. For most companies, a strong brand means having fantastic products, a slick website and great brochures. While these things are all important, it’s easy to overlook the space you spend most of your working life in – your office.

Here’s why it’s so important for your office space to reflect what the rest of your brand is trying to say.

Are you walking the talk?

Real estate is a prime example of an industry in which your office is an important brand indicator.

Imagine you’re a commercial real estate firm and you’ve secured an exciting new lead. Perhaps your potential client picked up a flyer at an event, which led to them visiting your website and seeing pictures of some of your previous sales. They’re excited, you’re excited…things are looking promising.

Then, they come into your office to talk business. If your client enters a cluttered, poorly-lit space, the sleek lines and impeccable decoration of your previous sales will fade from memory.

Your client is now experiencing an unpleasant sense of cognitive dissonance. The ideas and feelings that came from your slick marketing material are contrasting sharply with the reality of your office.

Creating a cohesive experience

In most industries, including real estate, you’re selling more than just a property or a product; you’re selling an experience.

A strong brand appeals to your clients’ aspirations, emotions and all their senses. If you’re a young, dynamic company, a cluttered, colourless office won’t do your brand any favours. At the same time, if your clients are conservative and risk-averse, hammocks and table tennis tables might not portray the right image for you.

The state of your office can also reflect on your professional capacity.

Workspace branding: not just for clients

Creating a strong brand in your workplace isn’t just good for client interactions. We already know that office design has a serious influence on productivity, but it can also help create a sense of unity and identity for your employees.

Brian Brindisi, a senior associate at US design firm Gensler, told Metropolis magazine, ‘Simply put, a good brand does more than establish a visual language; it creates an immersive experience for every person who enters their workplace.’

So, how can you use your office space to promote a strong brand identity? Contact us to discuss your options.

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