How Sound Moves

Sound, being one of the most powerful elements in life, is the energy vibrating through a substance. The molecules collide with each other and pass on energy as a moving wave. Sound waves can travel through air, water, wood or metal.

This vibration makes people hear and has a subtle and substantial impact on our feelings, emotions, and attitude.

Have You Considered

Your Office’s Acoustics?

The way we deal with sound treatments is largely by absorbing sound, or lowering the reverberation time. Each of the acoustic products available at Ascot Commercial Group has been tested to an NRC rating. NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient, which is a measurement of sound absorption.  

Acoustics in
Interior Design

Acoustics is the totality of all processes involved in the production, control, and reception of sound. By using acoustic panels in the walls and floor treatments to reduce the reverberation time, reduce noise, and make speech intelligible, it plays an important role in how comfortable an interior space can be.


3D Tiles​

Frontier Beam​


Drop-in Ceiling Tiles​

What We Can Do About It

Acoustic panels also come in so many types of materials; you can even theme your panels to your room. Whether you need maximum noise reduction or slight adjustments to your classroom acoustics, we can help.

Contact us today to go over our unique acoustic panels for your different needs!
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